• Strippers, Dollar Bills, & Late Nights

    Love them or hate them Strip Clubs are everywhere across the US and the world. In fact we have 4,000 strip clubs and 400,000 strippers in the United States. The industry boasts $3.1billion revenue annually, with california generating almost 1/3. And the average stipper earns anywhere from the range of $70,000 to $125,000. I dont know about you, but to me this is a lot of money! Maybe we should reevalute our opinions on these woman. 

    With a plethora of beautifully talented women, they are explored and frequented by both genders who wish to embrace (or experience) the art of the striptease. Every club has its own personality, and just like choosing your favorite restaurant, there is enough variety in NYC to provide hours upon hours of entertainment. In this series, I explore three vivacious women who hustle their living by using their acrobatic talents. 

    First up, Rainbow, she dances at a local spot in Brooklyn. She is satisfied with her job and the form of self-expression it allows her. She wouldn’t change it for the world. Dont judge her cause she is beatiful and talented and has chosen her path. This woman has options since her trust fund kicked in at 18 after all. 

    Call Me Rainbow, Marker on Paper, 2017 







    This talented dancer can flip, twist, and shake around the pole. Nicknamed “Splitz” because she is very flexible and used to be a gymnast. To achieve her talents, it would take years of practice. She chose to teach and perform stripping, jaded from the pressures of gymanastics. Splitz works hard for her money. 

    Outside Leg Hang, Marker on Paper, 2017 





    Meet Kelsie! She is always ready to twerk and work. She has her regular clients and enjoys her job. She’s a very busy lady. A grad student by day and exotic dancer by night. How does she find the time!? 

    Come Get The Money, Marker on Paper, 2017 


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    Strippers, Dollar Bills, & Late Nights

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